Nothing Crabby About Cancer: Understanding Your Horoscope

If you were born between June 22 and July 22, your astrology sign is Cancer the Crab. Unlike many signs that take on the qualities of the animals that represent them—Taurus the Bull being stubborn, for example—there’s nothing crablike about Cancer natives.

The Moon rules over gentle Cancer, which is one of the three Water signs.

It also governs the 4th house of the horoscope. How does all of that come together to impact your basic personality?

Getting to Know Your Astrology

Before you can understand what it means to have the astrological sign of Cancer, you have to know how the horoscope wheel functions.  The wheel is the round circle that actually depicts the way the sky looked at the time you were born, in the place where you were born.

Cancer HoroscopeImagine looking up at the sky from your birthplace and mentally drawing a big circle around it. That circle represents the sky, and the constellations of the twelve astrology signs had specific places around that circle at the exact time when you were born. For you, the Sun was travelling through the constellation of Cancer the Crab.

The Moon takes only 27 days to complete its orbit around the entire horoscope wheel, and it exerts a noticeable influence as it travels through each sign.  Nobody is more reactive to the Moon, however, than the Cancer native, who bears the full effects of the Moon as it journeys through the sky, quickly forming alliances and angles with other planets and then breaking those angles to move on to other aspects.

What Can You Say About Cancer?

We have physical proof of the Moon’s influence here on Earth, considering that tides all over the world react to lunar influence. The Moon has a lot to do with the rhythm of life; even the crops are planted and harvested according to the phases of the Moon. This cadence associated with life’s flow means that the Cancer native is an emotional, sentimental person, attached to home, hearth, and country.  Cancer people are the homemakers of the zodiac.

Whether it’s a man or a woman, the Cancer native is good at nurturing other people and has a kindly tolerance for all kinds of personalities. He also cheers on the underdog and tolerates all kinds of foibles in the people around him.  Because the Cancer person so thoroughly enjoys the status quo, he prefers to stay within established routines and shudders at the idea of change.

If you’re a Cancer native, you probably feel an attraction toward social causes. Your placid way of organizing things might not be dynamic but it certainly does produce success in projects that you undertake. Cancer natives are unfailingly honest, and so while they might enjoy going into politics, they might not last to the finish in the dog-eat-dog world of campaigning. They make sound business managers, especially for places where people come for comfort such as hotels or restaurants.

Just like the ebb and flow of the tides, and along with the Moon’s quick passage through the entire zodiac every month, people who are born with a Cancer horoscope experience a full range of emotions throughout the course of daily activities. Of all the signs of the zodiac, the Cancer native is the one most likely to experience truly intuitive or psychic experiences. Cancer is one of the four cardinal signs, which means its natives do have the strength to push forward and put themselves first if need be.

When Cancer Goes Wrong

Strangely, considering how careful the Cancer native generally is about other people’s feelings, the bad side of Cancer can include a tendency to be vain and unstable. They are susceptible to flattery from others, even when it’s insincere, and so they are pushovers.  Often they fall apart from self-pity or lack the moral fiber to stand up for what they know is right. Their very sensitive nature puts them at risk for low self-esteem or lack of confidence.

Cancer Partners:  Looking for Sensitivity

Astrological partners include both business associates and romantic matches. For the Cancer native running a business there is no better partner than Virgo. Virgo has the mental acuity and acumen with figures to run a business, and Cancer excels at customer service to gain and keep clients.

On the romantic side, Cancer also matches well with Virgo, with each of them enjoying each other’s qualities as long as Virgo doesn’t get impatient with Cancer’s emotions. Cancer natives might also find good mates who fall under the sign of Pisces or Scorpio, although Scorpio may be a little too harsh for gentle Cancer. Cancer’s best match, however, might be Capricorn, as long as you can convince insecure Capricorn that your affection is sincere.

Cancer: Ruling the 4th House of Hearth and Home

Cancer and the Moon influence the astrological house that has to do with the home life and also relatives, particularly mothers, aunts, or grandmothers. That’s why Cancers love everything involved in making a home, although how rich or poor the home is can depend on the planetary aspects affecting this house.

Putting the Entire Picture Together

No two Cancer natives are alike, right? That’s because people also have rising signs and Moon signs. The Sun sign, with the Sun passing through Cancer at the time of your birth, indicates your basic personality, and how you will react in times of stress or challenge.  But there are also other considerations.

The rising sign maps out just which astrological sign was pending on the horizon at the time you were born. Also called the ascending sign, it describes your personality the way others see you. The Moon sign, which is the constellation the Moon was passing through on the day you were born, indicates the personality that you strive to achieve—your ideal self.  Once you put all this information together, you will see a true astrological picture of yourself.

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