How to Remove Admin IP Ban in WHMCS

Widely recognized as the most well-rounded customer and billing management system available, WHMCS is a favorite of many web business managers, myself included. But, like anything in life, nothing is perfect and one nagging problem that admins run into with WHMCS is that pesky admin IP ban that results from going overboard with unsuccessful logins.

Assuming yours is the only administrator account, an admin IP ban means that you have to sit back and wait a full 15 minutes for the ban to expire; while 15 minutes isn’t exactly an eternity, it can feel like forever when you’ve got customers waiting for account approvals, support ticket answers and invoices.

Bypassing the WHMCS admin IP ban isn’t as difficult as you think but, since we’re blocked from the admin panel for the moment, we’ll need to work directly within the database. Follow these three steps to remove your WHMCS admin IP ban quickly and easily:

  1. Log into your control panel and open phpMyAdmin; select your WHMCS database.
  2. Locate and click the table called “tblbannedips”.
  3. Find your IP address in the list and click the delete button to remove it from the banned list.

That’s it, you are now able to log into your WHMCS admin panel without any trouble – assuming you remember your password!

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