Air Do – Budget Airline Guide

Air Do, or more formally known a Hokkaido International Airlines is a budget carrier in Japan. Its main base of operations is located is at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport). It is headquartered in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

Air Do started flights in December 1998, two years after it was established. Air Do is one of the pioneering budget carriers in Japan.

From Tokyo and/or Sapporo, Air Do flies to the following destinations:

From Haneda Airport – Tokyo to:

Asahikawa Airport – Asahikawa, Japan
New Chitose Airport Sapporo, Japan
Hakodate Airport – Hakodate, Japan
Memanbetsu Airport – ?zora, Japan
Tokachi-Obihiro Airport – Hokkaido, Japan

Chitose Airport – Sapporo to:
Sendai Airport – Sendai, Japan
Niigata Airport – Niigata, Japan
Toyama Airport – Toyama, Japan
Komatsu Airport – Komatsu, Japan
Fukushima Airport – Fukushima, Japan
Tokachi-Obihiro Airport – Hokkaido, Japan

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