How to Make an Omelette

Making a fast and tasty omelette is first gaining the correct ingredients, there is always a few variations, but use your own cooking experience and these helpful tips to guide you to the best omelette ever.


Serves 1
2 eggs (free range is better)
1 tbs water
Salt and ground black pepper to taste
10g ,2 tsp butter
1 ½ tbs freshly chopped parsley
1 tbs freshly chopped chives
20g, ¼ cup of grated Colby cheese


You can use a special omelette pan or a small non-stick frying pan; you want a pan that has a thick base to distribute the heat evenly and has shallow sloping sides, 20cm round is a good size for an omelette for 1.

First place eggs, water and salt and pepper into a jug or bowl and whisk with a fork until combined. Heat the butter in your selected pan, over a medium to high heat.

As the pan begins to sizzle gently swirl butter around to coat the surface of the pan as well. Make sure your pan is hot and the butter sizzling before you add the egg mixture.

Add the egg mixture to the hot pan, as it is cooking use the back of a fork to scrape the cooked egg into the centre, tilt the pan, allowing the runny egg mixture to run to the outside of the pan.

Repeat this till the omelette is slightly set. It should take about 30 secs.
Cook for another 30-60 secs until the omelette underside is slightly brown, and then sprinkle with herbs and cheese on the top.

Then using your fork, fold over half of the omelette and the heat will melt the cheese. Then remove from pan and serve straight away.


Variations to this recipe

Adding mushroom, by cooking 125g first in your pan with a little butter, over a medium to high heat for 5 minutes and remove, then following the basic recipe, then adding mushrooms at time of adding cheese and herbs.

Adding tomato and bacon, cook 1 rash of bacon trimmed and chopped in the omelette pan on medium heat for 3-4 minutes, or until beginning to crisp.

Remove from pan and drain on paper towel and continue with basic recipe. Then sprinkle the omelette with ½ a small ripe tomato, diced and bacon with cheese and herbs.

Other things to remember

Try to pre-cut all your ingredients as your omelette will cook quickly once it starts. Eggs last at least 2 weeks in the fridge after the purchased date. Dont let a rotten egg spoil your omelette experience. Always crack your eggs into a separate dish to check them first.

If when you crack your eggs and shell gets into the mix, always remove it, not very tasty. Make sure your omelette is fully cooked, and always precook any meat before putting in your omelette.

The yellow part of eggs contain a cholesterol, so if you are affected consider using the egg whites only. And don’t be afraid to be creative with your omelette, just as with pizza’s, you can experiment with all sorts of things,

Happy Cooking.

Adrian M.

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