Ateneo-La Salle Championship Game Tickets

With tickets snatched up 3 hours after TicketNet opened shop yesterday, it seems everyone’s caught the Ateneo-La Salle championship match fever. According to Inquirer’s article some even camped-out during the night and that there was already a line at 4 pm.

Entering the keywords “Ateneo La Salle ticket” in’s search box yields three results, all of which are placing Upper A tickets up for auction starting at 6,000 pesos. I wonder if anyone’s desperate enough to bid on these tickets. But on second thought, with the NBI going after scalpers, some people might.

I’ve also seen some people in multiply asking for game tickets, but so far no one has posted an ad with the very much sought-after tickets for sale.

The other day I saw a feature on the paper when the TriNoMa mall setup screens to for the first Ateneo-La Salle match of the season. I think it may be too much, but with the shortage of tickets mall owners might be considering selling tickets much like Pacquiao’s fights. Either that, or somebody has to build a bigger coliseum.

Do you think this hype over the Ateneo-La Salle championship games is too much?

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