Batanes Group of Islands

The ten islands that make up the Province of Batanes are the northernmost tip of the Philippines. This province is the smallest in land area and also has the smallest population of any province in the Philippines. The Batanes group of islands is almost one half hills and mountains. They are surrounded by seas that are rich in marine life and contain rare corals.

You can get to the Batanes group of islands by air directly from Manila (SEAir) or by taking the ferry MV Ivatan Princess from Currimao, Ilocus Norte.

Accommodation in the Batanes consists of one resort, four lodges and an inn. They are-

• Brandon’s Lodging
• Troy Lodge
• Batanes Seaside Lodge
• Ivatan Lodge
• Shanedel’s Inn
• Batanes Resort

There are many activities for you to enjoy in the Batanes group of islands. Swimming at the many beaches tops the list, followed by sightseeing of the churches, lighthouses and fishing villages of the native people. Relaxing and enjoying the rugged scenery is also popular.

The Batanes group of islands is a remote and undeveloped area at the very northern tip of the Philippines. It can be accessed by both air from Manila and by sea from Currimao. There are a variety of accommodations and activities available to visitors.

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