Bella Roca Marinduque

Bellaroca means “beautiful island” in Spanish and this lush, green, mountainous paradise certainly lives up to its name. If the natural beauty is not enough for you, take heart! Bella Roca Marinduque is also home to the fabulous Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa.

The resort has been designed to combine the facilities of a luxury leisure resort with those of a holistic spa facility. It is located on Bellaroca, off the coast of Marinduque, an island at the geographical center of the Philippines. The rugged terrain and the Mediterranean style architecture are quite reminiscent of some of the Greek Islands.

If you wish, you may relax and take advantage of the wellness center and the full line of holistic treatments that it offers. For those in a more energetic mood the resort offers water sports activities such as scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, jet skiing and deep sea fishing. If you don’t want to get your feet wet there is a nine hole golf course that is only for the use of guests, as well as hiking, biking and local tours. There are also facilities for children complete with qualified personnel and educational and artistic activities.

Bella Roca has been a popular destination by Filipino celebrities and the high society with its serene landscaping and ethereal blue skies. A beautiful rock indeed!

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