Brisbane Postcode, Queensland: 4000

Brisbane, Queensland, holds its own among the largest cities in Australia, and it has an interesting history that dates all the way back to mid-1800s. It serves as the capital of Queensland, located in its southernmost tip, and farther from Sydney than it looks on a map.

For example, if you were to start a drive in Brisbane and then pass through Sydney and end up in Melbourne, it would take you a full day of driving!

That should give you some perspective on the size of the Australian eastern coast.

Brisbane City

Photo by J Brew

Brisbane’s original natives were the Turrbal Aborigines, a people known for their kindness toward others. Some of the earliest pioneers into the area included the British who set up a penal colony as well as German and other Europeans who established missions. While Brisbane was designated as the capital city of Queensland around 1902, it consisted mostly of little shires and districts. They were not united into one proper city until 1925.

The Brisbane River winds through the city, and while the area has plenty of hills surrounding the river it’s a more low-lying area than several of Australia’s other large cities. You’ll find a many corporate headquarters located within the city limits, and you’ll also experience the diversity of industrial complexes right alongside science and I.T. sites.

Brisbane is an important connection between other parts of Australia and China, and it also boasts a Chinatown as well as some Asian influence. However, you’ll find a true blend of nationalities calling Brisbane home, from Indians to Hispanics to Pacific Islanders.

Interspersed within its many shopping centres, performing arts venues are abundant, with a focus on music no matter what type of tunes you like.

Come to Brisbane to see the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary or the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, but kick off your shoes and stay for a while to steep in the city’s marvelous metropolitan cultural experiences.

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