How to Build a Bat House

If you live in certain areas of the country or in certain countries, you may have a problem when the seasons change.

Some people experience an invasion of certain kinds of insects like roaches or ants, but other people experience much bigger pest problems such as mice, rats, or even bats.  Usually, when a person has a problem with pests they simply call a professional pest control exterminator to come take care of the problem.


However, is it really the only option a homeowner has for destroying creatures that were not invited?

Bat House on Wall

Bat House on the House Side Wall – Pic by FlatbushGardener on Flickr

If you do have a problem with bats invading your home every year, there is something that can be done other than killing them.  Here is more information on how to build a bat house to keep bats safe, but out of your home.


Materials you will need:

You are going to need some things to create your bat house.  You are going to need plywood, a saw, a drill, a hammer, some nails, black paint, netting material, and caulking compound.


The pieces you will need to cut:  Every bat house has to have four walls plus a few other things to make it perfect for your nocturnal winged friends.

You will need to cut your plywood into some specific shapes.  You are going to need to cut the four walls.  The measurements for the walls are two that are twenty four inches high and thirteen inches wide.

The other two walls you will need to cut for your bat house measure twenty four inches tall and only three inches wide.  For the roof you will need to cut pieces that are cut at a thirty degree angle, and that are eight inches by fifteen inches.


The bats are going to need air to breathe:  You are going to have to make sure your furry little friends have plenty of air in their new dwelling.  You are going to need to get your drill and put a few holes in the bottom of the walls to allow for good air flow.


A place for the bats to perch:  You do remember that bats hang upside down when they sleep?  The inside of the house has to be painted black because the bats sleep during the day.  You need to also make a place for them to hang upside down from.  You can either use a piece of weaved netting or a pair of pantyhose as the way for the bats to be able to perch.  If you can find a piece of netting as well, you can use that as another way for the bats to be upside down.


Any holes need to be sealed:  You may want to check over to make sure there are no cracks or holes in the wood.  If you do find anything like holes that may cause a problem for the bats, be sure you use the caulking compound to fill them up.


Where to place your bat house:  The higher up the bat house is the better it is for attracting new residents!  Your bat house should be in the branches of a tall tree.  However, if this is not possible or you have no trees than be sure it is at least ten to twenty feet off the ground.

Here are Some More Bat House Design Ideas…

Homemade Bat House

Smaller Design with Angled Roof

Benefits of Bats

Simple Slapped Together – Benefits of Bats Design

Photo by jeffesp0 on Flickr

City of Colorado BathouseBathouse on a Pole – Photo by Let Ideas Complete on Flickr

This is bat house that was installed by the city of Lafayette, Colorado. Bats (and lots of them) are very good at keeping the mosquitos away.

This is the age of people becoming more environmentally friendly.  If you find your home invade by bats every summer, you do have options often than having them killed by a professional.

You can build a bat house so the bats will have a place to live other than your house.

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