Cagbalete Island at Quezon

A few hours of bus ride from Manila is Cagbalete Island at Mauban Quezon. It rivals Zambales with its fine sand beaches that gently slope towards the sea. Getting to Cagbalete Island is easy, from the capital city Manila one can ride a bus bound for Lucena. From Lucena, a bus ride to Mauban will take you near the port that has boats that traverse the sea to Cagbalete Island.

Accommodations are available at Villa Cleofas when you reach the island. It is important to book early, since rooms can be unavailable especially during the peak months of summer.

Villa Cleofas Contact Information:
Mobile: (+63) 917-8140496 /(+63) 917-8143475
Phone: (+632) 928-7934

Look for Tonet/Tess Reyeg

Photo by allanbaredo

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