A Couple of Pugs with Problems

My best friend and I both own pugs and although they are the greatest dogs in the world, they do have their problems. Mathilde is getting on a bit now and she tends to get tired quicker and her immune system is lower. But fortunately mostly she still is her usual perky mischievous self.

One of the problems that I had with her recently though is that she was constantly scratching and biting her fur. Now I thought this was down to her having fleas so I kept giving her flea treatments that I bought online but she still kept scratching and itching. After consulting a few online experts I came to the conclusion that she was allergic to the carpet that we had recently laid down.

Now we just forked out quite a lot of money on this new carpet and really didn’t want to have to get rid of it. This is where I came across Atopica; it is an anti-allergy for dogs and is specially designed for allergies with dust and mites. It doesn’t have any steroids in it so it doesn’t harm them.

What I have also been doing is giving her Royal Canin dog food, which is rich in omega 3 and 6 oils. This has brought her coat back up to a good standard and she is now no longer scratching like she was before. I was completely amazed at the transformation and at the same time very relieved. So just because your dog is scratching doesn’t always necessarily mean that it has fleas or parasites, as it could be allergic to your carpet as well!

Then, my friend has just started using Forthyron on her pug and she wanted to know if any other owners have had any problems with it? So far everything’s been okay but she might be using the medicine over a prolonged period of time, and she’s just a little bit nervous about the effect this may have on her little pooch. Your advice would be very much appreciated.

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