Dog Training Basics

You’ve decided it’s time to start training your dog. Now what?

Obviously you should start at the beginning, with some dog training basics for your pet. This will teach pets basic obedience, which is an important foundation for your relationship, as well as any future training.

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When undertaking such a project, keep in mind simple basic training tips to ensure success. You must remember to be patient and consistent with puppies, just as you would children. Not every dog learns at the same pace, and you cannot expect more from your pet than he is capable of. If you are impatient, you will quickly fail. Consistency is also crucial. If you do not correct bad behaviours, they can quickly grow into habits. Your pet will not understand why it was okay to jump on you one time, but he was scolded for it the next time. This will confuse your dog, and can undo all your hard work.

Always try to use positive reinforcement rather than punishment. Praising your dog for hard work or rewarding him with a treat will make a longer lasting psychological impact than punishment for undesired behaviours. In some situations it may be necessary to scold or use light punishment, but if used too often your pet will just see this as another form of attention.

Many other dog-training basics are really just common sense. Of course you should use whatever training methods work best for you and your pet. Just because one program worked for someone you know does not guarantee it will work for you. Obviously you should never overlook bad behaviour, or wait too late to start a training program with your puppy. There are many other basics to dog training, but as with everything else, they may vary from person to person.

Clicker training dogs is a very effective and positive method that is used more and more often. Clicker training utilises a small plastic clicker that makes a distinct and recognisable sound when pressed. This is used when your pet exhibits the desired behaviour, and is much faster and consistent than verbal praise. Dogs tend to learn very rapidly during clicker training, and it is much gentler than some other methods. Clicker training is a form of operant conditioning, which psychology has proven to be extremely effective.

If you do not feel you have the time or energy to embark on such a program alone, it should not be hard to find a qualified dog trainer in your area. A reputable dog trainer can help you with basic training, as well as any other type of training you may consider for your pet. You can also join classes to learn dog training how to, enabling you to extend your pet’s training.

As with anything else, there are many valuable resources available to give you dog training information. There are websites and books with dog training basics, as well as some that cater to certain breeds. Your veterinarian or trainer should also be able to give you tips, or tell you where to find the best information for training your pet. No matter what form of dog training you choose there is a plethora of information available to help you and your beloved pet along the way.

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