Dog Training Tips

Dog obedience training isn’t just about showing off the latest pet tricks to your friends. Learning simple dog training basics can make your dog healthier, happier, and can even save it’s life.

Dog Training

Well trained puppies are less likely to jump on people or possibly bite someone and they will remain calm in distracting situations. They will also be less likely to run away or chase a cat or squirrel into the street.

One rather distressing report from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association states that 96% of shelter dogs never had any training. Many of these former pets will never be adopted and eventually be put to sleep. Many dog behavior problems could have been prevented with some basic training.

Dog Obedience

While every breed has it’s own traits and personality, nearly all of them can be taught boundaries, making them more comfortable around people. Some breeds are just easier to train than others.

It all starts with puppy training. It’s much easier to train puppies before they develop bad habits that are hard to break in older dogs.

There are many training courses and professional trainers to choose from. However, having a business card or an ad in the yellow pages doesn’t make them a qualified trainer.

The best trainers are the ones that come referred by someone that has used them. Friends and family would be the best place to start. If that fails, take your dog for a walk in the park and watch for other owners with well behaved dogs. Ask them if they used a professional trainer and if they would recommend them.

Once you find a trainer, ask them what mode of teaching they use. There have been dozens of various teaching methods that have been in and out of style over the years. Ask the instructor what method they use, why they use it, and what are the benefits. Also inquire about references.

Dog Training Books

If you prefer to do it yourself, there are numerous dog training books and videos to help guide you. Check your local book store or some of the various online stores, like Amazon or Yahoo Shopping. I strongly recommend the Secrets to Dog Training package. There is no better guide for the price.

There are also many digital ebooks available online that are instantly downloadable, ready to print out and use in minutes. Many come with videos that show you step by step how to properly train your pet, as well as audio files that be downloaded to your Ipod or mp3 player.

Before you spend your money, get the scoop by checking out theĀ  Online Dog Training Reviews.

Whether you train your puppy yourself or hire a professional, teaching your dog commands and how to socialize will make both you and your pet happier throughout your dog’s life.


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