How to Stop Dog Whining

Dog behaviour whining can be very frustrating and confusing. You may not know why he is whining or how to stop it. Puppies often quickly learn that whining gets them food or attention. Do not reinforce this belief! Never give a dog attention when he is whining. Instead, work to find out why he is whining, and how to stop dog whining.

Puppy training may cause whining in the beginning. A new stimulus such as a crate may scare your puppy. It is very important to present new things to a puppy in small doses, and to stop training when he becomes agitated or uncomfortable.

Dog whining is often a cry for attention. Your dog may be uncomfortable or lonely in his environment, and is asking you to give him some love. He may want to play, go to the potty, or to come inside. Try putting him on a schedule so that he knows what to expect at what time. Be sure you schedule plenty of exercise and potty breaks, and give your dog as much love and attention as you can. Again, do not give in to his whine demands, but prevent them in the future. Pay attention to dogs only when they are quiet.

Separation anxiety can be a cause of dog whining. Crate training can help greatly with this. Start by confining your dog for short periods of time, gradually increasing the times. Make sure you give your dog lots of praise and attention when you return to let him out. This will help him understand that you are not leaving him permanently, and that you will return home to him.

Sometimes dogs whine because they are excited and want to participate in something they see. Try distracting your puppy from whatever is drawing his attention by working on obedience training commands. Teach him a “be quiet” command. Reward him when he does as told, but do not reinforce undesired behaviour. Ignore his whining or squirt him with a little water.

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If you start hearing your dog whining frequently when he never has before, this could be a sign that there is something wrong physically. Take him to the veterinarian to be checked out. Even if nothing is wrong, at least you have the peace of mind of knowing, and maybe your vet can give you some advice to stop dog from whining.

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