Save the world with a Piaggio Hybrid Scooter!

According to the UK and US media, global warming will soon destroy us all.

Now I don’t want to enter a debate regarding the scientific material regarding these fearful claims but like most scooter riders I want to do my bit to reduce my strain on society. Now it seems that we can take an extra step towards going greener. Piaggio has just launched an environmentally friendlier “hybrid” engine. Similar to the Hybrid engine in cars it will combine an electric engine with a normal combustion engine.

No this is not the new Piaggio design!


The new hybrid scooter will switch to the electric engine whenever the rider accelerates more aggressively. Now I’m not sure how they define “aggressive acceleration” but I worry that the scooter I use to commute would be on electric at all times!

Supposedly through using the electric engine during periods of “aggressive acceleration” the Piaggio HyS is able to increase performance 85%, reduce fuel consumption and lead to a reduction in carbon emissions.

“Scooters already enjoy a low environmental impact and soon owners will be able to further reduce their footprint on the earth,” Simon Gloyne. – Piaggio’s brand manager

At the moment the hybrid engine exists in a number of prototype piaggio models:

  • Vespa LX
  • Piaggio X8
  • Piaggio MP3

Charging time for the electric battery is 3 hours but it can also charge when the scooter is not accelerating.

No date has been given for a release but apparently Piaggio Australia is planning to introduce them as soon as they are ready.

One can’t help but wonder how many extra problems this extra electric engine will bring in regards to maintenance.

I also feel that if I really wanted to reduce my carbon emission I would pull out my old bicycle and probably save a hunk load of cash in the process.


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