Fat Loss Exercise

The best fat loss exercise is one in which muscle is built. This is best accomplished by weight lifting. Yet, how easy is it to stick to a ‘traditional’ weight lifting routine?

Not only is this form of fat loss exercise physically hard, but it can also be incredibly boring. So, what is the solution? It involves finding fat loss exercise that can build muscle in a way that keeps the exercise both motivated and entertained. Enter the concept of fat loss exercise through ‘exergaming.’

Exergaming is combining exercise with video games. The concept originally began in the 80s, when Nintendo released a controller that allowed individuals to use their feet to ‘run’ or ‘jump’ through games.

Although it was fun, the controller did not gain much popularity. Then in the 90s onward, people discovered DDR, a controller that allowed people to ‘dance’ to video games. People all over the world were losing weight while having fun, making video game companies rethink the exergaming concept.

Today, exergaming remains an excellent alternative for fat loss exercise. However, only one exergaming device incorporates the concepts of weight lifting, the best form of fat loss exercise. It is called the Kilowatt Sport.

The weight lifting element comes from the resistance given off from the Kilowatt’s joystick, which is used to control video game characters. If a person feels that they want a more intense workout, they can increase the Kilowatt’s resistance level.

The Kilowatt can be used for the Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube or the PC. It currently has not been updated to be used for next-generation consoles. However, since many of the games on next-generation consoles are also available for the PC, a Kilowatt user can still play on the latest games using the controller.

In terms of the games that it can play, there is basically no limit. Yet, it should be noted that action games would offer a better workout than role-playing or strategy-based games.

If a person cannot afford the Kilowatt’s hefty $1,200 price tag, they can consider checking to see if the device has been bought by their local gym.

This is because several gyms have started utilizing exergaming equipment in hopes of making exercise more fun for their members.

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