Fat Loss Supplements

Fat loss supplements have received a lot of controversy in the media. This is particularly the case since ephedra-based have been linked to several fatalities. However, for many dieters, fat loss supplements help make the process of losing weight just a little bit easier. This article will describe some of the most common fat loss supplements that are available on the market. From this list a dieter can decide if fat loss supplements are right for them.

1. Thermogenic

Thermogenic fat loss supplements allow a person to burn fat without having to consume ephedra, (a substance that is now illegal). Instead, these types of fat loss supplements will use large amounts of caffeine to help increase metabolism. Some people may think for this reason thermogenic fat loss supplements aren’t effective, since caffeine can be found in coffee or energy drinks. However, neither contains the amount of caffeine that is available in just one thermogenic fat loss pill.

2. Stimulant-Free

Stimulant-free fat loss supplements do not use caffeine to help facilitate fat loss. Instead, they consist of herbs and other natural ingredients that help to suppress appetite. These types of fat loss supplements do not allow for as much weight loss as their thermogenic counterparts, yet they are still highly effective. Many people are able to lose 7 to 10 pounds a month just on these supplements alone.

3. Carb & Fat Blockers

Carb & fat blockers are fat loss supplements that prevent fat from metabolizing in the first place. These fat loss supplements can be a significant aide for weight loss, however, there is a downside… extreme constipation. If a person decides to use carb or fat blockers, they must make sure they drink plenty of water and consume lots of fruits and vegetables. If they are still constipated, they need to have a laxative on hand.

4. Thyroid

Thyroid fat loss supplements help the thyroid work in a manner that increases the body’s metabolism.

5. Cortisol

Cortisol fat loss supplements reduce the amount of cortisol the body produces. This is a hormone released during stressful situations. Too much of it increases one’s appetite along with storing excess fat.

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