Freeware Accounting Software

The internet has pulled the broad corners of the world into easy reach, and I love it!

That includes some of the great freeware accounting software that’s now available.  Freeware, by definition, is freely shared by internet enthusiasts.  Or, it’s provided by companies who hope that if you use one product free, they can supply you with something else at a later date-the usual quid pro quo.

NolaPro Cloud Accounting

The top, number one choice of freeware accounting software is NolaPro.

NolaPro Accounting

This is a web-based suite that manages your business and accounting needs. You can enter and track orders while you monitor inventory.

There’s a time clock feature, and you can do your payroll.  Its plug-ins will fast track your business-to-business and point-of-sale options, plus you’ll have an Ecommerce shopping cart.

NolaPro also converts for international currency configurations and multiple languages.  It will calculate value-added taxes (VATs) and goods and services taxes (GSTs).  You can keep several sets of books if you have multiple companies or divisions.  It’s also possible to designate security configurations.

You can customize colors, typeface, and other features to suit your individual tastes.  There is no risk of spyware, and you won’t be bugged to upgrade or buy something else.  It downloads to Windows or Linux operating systems, and it all adds up to a great freeware accounting software.

Quickbooks Simple Start

QuickBooks Simple Start is another freeware accounting software that ranks high among users.  An installer downloads to your desktop, and you can choose the option to buddy it up with GoogleSearch.  With this easy way to manage up to 20 customer accounts, you can track your invoicing, payments, and deposits.  It also does estimating and creates receipts.  You can write checks or track expenses, and it even allows for customer refunds.

Plus, you can look at profit-and-loss as well as sales summaries or customer and vendor histories.  This is another software that lets you do payroll, and it puts all your information at your fingertips come tax time.  It’s limited to Excel imports, and you cannot import data from earlier versions of QuickBooks.  Use it for Windows XP and Vista.

Davis Business Systems has a lesser-known freeware accounting software that’s nevertheless highly rated.  BS1 Accounting 2008.5 allows you to work with accounts payables, receivables, and general ledger.  You can track inventory and analyze sales.  This is another product that works with multiple currencies, including gain or loss caused by currency fluctuations.

It puts a launch pad right on your screen and utilizes the familiar drop-down windows that we all grew up with.

Website: Visit the Quickbooks Website

Microsoft Office Accounting

You can’t overlook Microsoft’s entry, Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009.  It presents a crisp layout with point-and-click facility so that you can organize your bank accounts, sales, and refunds.  It manages your vendor information and does your payroll.  Plus, it’s compatible with PayPal and interfaces with Equifax.  If you want to send your clients or vendors a letter, it’s supplied with adaptable templates.

It works with Outlook if you take the time to do this massive installation, but it will also install its SQL server.  Who knows, maybe we’ll all need it one day.  This freeware accounting software works for American businesses.  You can access a Spanish version if necessary, and with an add-in, you can do your taxes.

Unfortunately as of 2010 and onwards, this product has been discontinued by Microsoft. Ohwell 😉

All of these freeware accounting software products come highly rated.  All of them offer tutorials and visuals to make the new user comfortable.

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