Gap Vespa?

Whilst its likely that I might be popping into GAP to pick up a few Christmas gifts this Christmas – I did not expect this!

Picture of GAP stripey VESPA

You can nowpick up an limited-edition LX50 Vespa next time you pop in to Gap. The LX50 paint is based on a Gap design which will also be available in scarves, jumpers, gloves, leg warmers plus a load of baby clothes. So this Christmas you could be fully kitted in Gap whilst riding a Gap Vespa.

The Brand New Gap Vespa costs just under $6,000 with the RRP = $5,999

In comparison this is far more expensive than the standard LX50 which only costs $3,199 – but I imagine this “Crazy Stripe” LX50 will be limited edition and have a number of other features.
I am sure that LX50 aficionados will love this, but I personally like my Vespa’s in green. Be sure to keep an eye out for these stripey Vespa’s this christmas and send me a pic if you see one in the wild.

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