Where to Get Awesome Wallpapers

Before you go ahead and download free wallpapers, stop and think!  There is a saying that goes:  “Nothing is free in this world”.  You have probably heard it or something like it.  It is nearly always true, too.  I say ‘nearly always’ because there are times, although few and far between, when something that is offered as free actually turns out to be entirely free!

The majority of times, there is usually some catch involved that, when considered, proves the item is not really free at all.  The item is only free when you register and subscribe to something that will require on-going payments on your part, or if you join some club, or it is free but only for a limited time, as in the case of game demos.

Lake Landscape Wallpaper

Wallpaper by MisterFredi on Flickr

Of course, that is really frustrating, but the good news is that finding free wallpapers on the Internet really is not much of a challenge.

What are Wallpapers?

First, a wallpaper is sometimes also referred to as a background.  It is not a screen saver in that it does not move across the screen when the computer is not being used and is remaining idle for a specific amount of time.  It is generally a picture depicting some scene or tableau, although these days animated wallpapers are more common.

Wallpapers or computer backgrounds are freely available on the Internet and all you really need to do is spend some time looking for them.  Naturally, this when you need to use the search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  If you want to download free wallpapers, you need to find those websites that offer free stuff like computer backgrounds.

Use keywords such as:  “Free computer wallpapers”, or “download free wallpapers” when you search for these sites using the search engines.  When you find the site you want, click on it and view what they have on offer.

Be careful that the site does not offer freebies with conditions attached.  Make sure you read everything and that you are entirely sure that the goodies being offered are really free.

There are some sites that allow you to even narrow down your search to a category that interests you.  This means that if you are specifically looking to download free wallpapers depicting sporting scenes, celebrities, animals, nature, etc. you can simply specify this preference.  Only those wallpapers that match your search criteria will be displayed for you, which means you do not have to page through hundreds of wallpapers to find the one you are looking for.

When you have seen the wallpaper that you like you then have to download it to your computer.  It is really easy to download free wallpapers.  Simply click the download button and the computer will do the rest.  Of course, you will need to specify where the picture is to be stored.  Once the wallpaper has been downloaded onto your computer, you can then set it as your desktop background.

Our favourite wallpaper and image sources are…

Digital Blasphemy

Google Image Search

Flickr Photos

Enjoy your searching 🙂


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