Hanalei Bay Hawaii

Hanalei Bay in the island of Kauai is a perfect destination for anyone who loves the beach. It is a beach cove of white sand bound by two rivers, Hanalei River in the east and Waipa River in the west.

A boat pier 300 feet long is used in fishing and swimming at Hanalei. Pretty much any beach activity can be done, here from surfing to fishing to kayaking. Coral reefs are situated at the farthest points of the bay where schools of fish congregate. Inland, gorgeous misty mountains tower over the beach that have stunning waterfalls and breath-taking jungle outgrowth.

Hanalei Bay Hotels

Hanalei Bay Resort
Contact Number: 808-826-6522
Located at Kauai island right at Hanalei Bay, the resort is set in a Hawaiian garden with water attractions. The grounds of the resort includes a restaurant and a lounge.

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