How to Clean Your Scooter with a Hand Held Vacuum

Ok so your probably don’t expect a post on handheld vacuums at but bear with me.

My Vespa scooter will generally get a good clean every week but i find it really hard to clean the inside chamber and inside the seat.

It got me thinking that maybe i could use the same handheld vacuum i use in the car on my vespa!


Amazingly when i used my handheld vacuum on my vespa, it cleaned it in half the time it normally took.

Ok, so this is not something that will change your life but it still saves me ten minutes when you could be out scootering!

I checked out a hand-held vacuum comparison site to find the best vacuum cleaner for my scooter.

They believed that the Eureka 71B and Dyson DC16 are the top handheld vacuums on the market today. I went for the Dyson DC16 because we already had a dyson and it looked cool he he 🙂


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