How to Get Rid of Warts

Did you know that many people suffer from warts? Warts actually occur due to a virus that you catch. They usually appear on the hands or feet. Plantar warts usually occur on the feet.

Warts on a Toad

Would you like to discover how to get rid of warts? If you would then read on to get a few ideas.

You could go to the doctor and get warts frozen off or visit your chemist to try a product called “wart off”. But if you do not like doctors and want to try to save some cash there are some other things to try first.

Natural Remedies

There are a few natural or household remedies listed below..

You can apply cider vinegar using a piece of cotton. In fact tape the cotton soaked with vinegar on your wart with a bandage. Do this every night and soon the wart will not only change colors but also disappear.

Another good way on how to get rid of warts is to use some aloe vera gel straight from the plant. You will also need to cover the wart with a bandage. Using this method the wart should be gone in a matter of days.

Here is a bit of a smelly cure. You can take garlic that has just been sliced and hold it to the wart with some kind of waterproof air proof tape. You have to keep the air out. Do this everyday and it will take about a week for the wart to fall off.

Duct tape is great for anything including getting rid of warts. Just tape over the wart. Be sure to replace the tape if it starts coming off. The wart will disappear in several days. Who would have thought that duct tape could do this not me.

Oh here are a couple of interesting cures to try. Cover the wart with either clear nail polish or super glue and let dry. In both cases the wart suffocates and dies. This may take a couple of weeks. Be careful in using the super glue though a little dab will do the trick.

You can use kelp in liquid form by placing some on the wart and bandaging it. You will also need to consume about 3 drops a day. Adding the kelp to a beverage is the easiest way to do this.

Apply a bit of tea tree oil twice daily, once in the morning with a bandage and once at night. This may take about a week or 2 to effectively remove the wart.

The simplest one to me is using good old toothpaste with a bandage. Apply the toothpaste everyday. In a matter of about 1 week the wart will disappear.

I hope this list of how to get rid of warts works for you, if it does not then seek medical attention. But you only have your warts to lose by trying these suggestions! For completely natural solutions to get rid of your warts within days Click Here to check out the Wart Remedy guide.

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