How to Use GPS on Your Motorcycle/Scooter

For the road warrior, the rebel, a weekend journey into the unknown on a motorcycle can be the height of adventure and freedom. Now, with the help of a new TomTom device – the RIDER 2nd Edition, which is made for motorcycles – the motorcycle lover can enhance his or her trip even further.

The RIDER 2nd Edition is a Scooter GPS that has many desirable features, including Fuel Prices Service, TomTom Map Share, the Help Me! feature, and TomTom Traffic, complete with a 30-day free trial, which includes brand new maps of the highest graphical quality.

Additionally, bikers now have access to dedicated trip statistics that can make any road trip much simpler. The feature allows the biker to view the average and maximum speeds at which he or she traveled per journey, the distance from home, and the total miles traveled.

Even if you’ve previously purchased the RIDER device in one of its earlier incarnations, you can still benefit immensely from the updated software features – and software may be updated for free using TomTom HOME. Completely new maps are available with TomTom HOME as well. If a new map is purchased – along with a 2 GB DB card (which must be bought separately) – users will then also be able to easily take advantage of TomTom Map Share.

TomTom also offers a map guarantee. The guarantee states that if any new map is released within thirty days of the time the GPS user begins using his or her device, then it may be downloaded for free.

The new enhanced RIDER 2nd Edition comes already equipped with the newest Tele Atlas maps of North America as well. Comprehensive maps of both Canada and the United States make up the set.

With the advent of the RIDER software, motorcycle aficionados can now enjoy the same inventive features that users of the automobile products have enjoyed for some time. Best of all, it’s just in time for summer – prime motorcycle season.


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