How to Learn Sign Language

Sign Language has been continuously developed since its first inception in the 17th century. The knowledge of this skill has also been gaining popularity, especially in the areas of social work, education, and mass media. Sign language has proven to be both fun and challenging, not to mention rewarding to people who have acquired the ability.

Here are six tips for people who are interested in learning Sign Language:

1) You need to know and understand the reasons why you have to learn Sign Language. Without understanding the principles, theories, and techniques behind Sign Language, you won’t be able to get a deeper appreciation for this language. Comprehending these facets of Sign Language will get you more motivated as well, leading to faster pick-up of the skill.

2) You have to start with the basics – the alphabet. Just like learning any other language, you need to start with the building blocks of words and sentences. This means that you will have to learn finger spelling. From that, you can start spelling out names, places, and things just by using your fingers. It usually takes time before your fingers can get used to finger-spelling words like a pro. Consistent practice and patience are keys to acquiring this skill, just like any other skill.

3) Get the right training materials. Reference material can help you a lot especially when you have the preference of studying alone. This means you have to stock up on DVD’s, books, and even videos. You can start by asking people who have learned Sign Language which of these materials can help you. You can even buy all the training materials you may need online.

4) Practice, practice, practice. Make Sign Language a part of your daily routine by using them whenever you can. Making mistakes is a part of the learning process, so don’t panic. The most important thing is you are ready to hone your skill.

5) Understand that Sign Language is not an international language for deaf people. For example, if you learn American Sign Language, you will not be able to communicate effectively with someone who is deaf in the United Kingdom. Make sure that you learn the proper Sign Language for the country in which you plan on using it the most in.

6) Don’t just learn the language, become immersed into the culture. This is probably one of the best Sign Language Tips that you follow. Deaf people have a very fascinating and rich culture all of their own. Generally speaking, deaf people can be a little suspicious of outsiders of their close knit community. If you can show them you have a true interest in learning their language and their culture, they’ll be more likely to open up to you.

You can learn Sign Language, but if you truly learn the culture, you’ll be more well rounded. These Sign Language tips; in conjuction With proper practice, good training materials, some patience, and a strong desire to learn Sign Language, will allow you to Sign quickly and easily.

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