Lots of Info About Tattoos!

Tattoo designs can sometimes become a problem and cause all kinds of headaches. When you walk into a parlor with a specific design in mind, it just takes another one on the chart that changes your mind completely. So what do you look for in a design? Well, there is nothing to look for.

Butterfly Tattoo DesignThe tattoo has to attract you and it has to mean something to you. Once you find a tat that does this for you, then you have found the right one. If you have not found that particular design yet, how about going through some of the popular designs found in tattoo parlors today.

Let’s look at tribal tattoos – These designs have existed for centuries, and today’s tribal tattoos are not real tribal tattoos although people call them this. Today’s “tribal tattoos” have become more complex, because it is always morphing and evolving. Today these tattoos are called neo-tribal tattoos. When you decide to go for a neo-tribal tattoo you can have it done in the traditional black on your legs or arms, or you could choose a colourful tattoo that covers the body.

Next are the Old School Tattoo designs – Maybe you have noticed swallows tats and anchor tats around. These are not just worn by bikers and old sailors, but it is making a comeback into modern society. There are many females that are dying to get swallows and also anchor tattoos on their chest and neck, while guys are leaning more towards the ol’ Jerry sailor tats. This style of tattoo was fuelled in the 50′s and was revived by many of the retro vixens of Suicide Girls.

Now for the Lower Back Tats – having a tattoo done on your lower back is also very popular, especially among females. You will still find that females that settle with lower-back tattoos still settle with tribal designs. You will find that many females still prefer lotus flowers, dragons and other eastern symbols.

The Dragon Tattoo Designs – This is another tattoo that has been revived. When you are in the tattoo parlor, you will be welcomed by so many tattoos. There are the traditional dragon tattoos and then there are the more mythical designs. Tribal designs have also taken a sharp turn and now include dragons that blend into a tribal design. They are very creative and very clean.

When you are out there looking for the perfect design, do not go for the first one you see because you want to get it over and done with and just have a tattoo. You don’t want to get something that you are not going to enjoy in the long run. Also, try not mixing styles. For example, don’t get a Japanese tattoo and a Tribal design mixed together. You are just going to mess it up. Make sure that you find a reputable artist to ink you and not a backstreet scratcher that is going to leave you with a tattoo that you can actually feel when you run your finger over it.

Tattoo Tips

Angel Tattoo DesignThere are many things to consider if you are thinking about getting a tattoo. These things include the artist, the location on your body, if you are sure you really want one, taking care of your tattoo and more. Here are a few tips to help you determine if a tattoo is right for you.

Do You Really Want a Tattoo?

When you decide that you are going to get a tattoo then you need to be sure that you really want it. Be sure of the design and that you really want to get one. You may like Tigger now but what will you think about him ten years from now?

You must be entirely sure that you really want a tattoo and of the design you are choosing to put on your body. The design you choose should have a deep meaning to you because it is going to stick with you forever.


The location of your tattoo is a very important factor. You need to be smart about the location you get a tattoo because you don’t want the tattoo to affect you in any way. If you work in the corporate world or for a company that frowns upon tattoos then you want to be sure that the tattoo is not on your hand, neck, face, or anywhere that it would be frowned upon. Losing your career is not what you want to do when you get a tattoo.

The Artist

When you choose a tattoo that you would like to get and you are entirely sure that you want one the next step is choosing an artist. Some artists do really good tribal work but they are terrible cartoonists. Most artists have an area they are very strong in.

You should always shop around for an artist that does work that you are comfortable with and really like. Don’t get a tattoo from someone who is your friend and learning to do tattoos and you want to give them the business. A professional artist that is licensed will take care of your health and use clean needles and also do an excellent job on the tattoo.

Taking Care of Your Tattoo

tattoo manAfter you get a tattoo you will be told to do certain things to take care of it. These things will ensure that the ink doesn’t bleed and the design to turn out different than what it looked like when you left the tattoo parlor.

Some artists will tell you to use Vaseline or Neosporin on your tattoo to keep the skin soft and it will help make the tattoo turn out best. You should stay out of the sun to prevent any fading of the colors. You should also not pick at the dry skin that is flaking from the location. Also, you should wait a couple of days before you expose the tattoo to direct water from a shower.

Here are a few tattoo tips to help you determine if a tattoo is right for you and how to take proper care of it directly following the procedure. If you want to get a tattoo then you should be sure it is something you want for life, the location is appropriate, and the artist that is going to give the tattoo.

More Info about Tattoos

Tattoos are body art; it seems that they are the most creative way and permanent reminder to express a moment in your life. Where do you find pictures of tattoos? You can search the web and if you are creative enough you can draw a picture of a desired design, any attempt to draft a picture is good because many times a tattoo artists needs some kind of idea to continue your request.

Many people who have tattoos are primed to get more so the debate on where to stop becomes a personal choice. Since pictures of tattoos are mobile ink on a person the quest to find a picture that represents your mental design can be challenging. There are standard pictures for military personnel and the familiar heart with a dagger through it has become passé when it comes to being creative.

Back TattooSometimes you can find just the right picture to parlay your design and a lot of artists designs are not copyrighted, can you imagine an © next to your tattoo? That would take all the fun out of getting a tat in the first place. There are many ways to find pictures of tattoos that will give you an original design and have people taking a second look.

You can flip through a magazine and find a picture that catches your eye, you can always modify it to suit you and you can also search album covers, back in the 70s an LP cover was a work of art, hand held devices have taken that art form away but the past still exists and a lot of art came from that era. It may be impressionists but you can make it modern.

Another great place to search for pictures of tattoos is at your local tat parlor. Many times the artists working with the colored gloves and tattoo machines are the ones who have tons of drawings for you to look at and choose from. If they want to grow their business they will have a portfolio of their work, not just the drawing but the actual tattoo on a client.

If you are still at a loss for where to find pictures of tattoos start asking those who have tats and where they got them. Although some designs are personal you can still get an idea of what you want a tattoo to look like. Remember, the artists who will draw your design won’t be applying it until you approve it so don’t think you have to go with the first picture they create.

Tattoos are meant to be seen so if you are planning on getting one don’t treat it like a mole and want to cover it up. Also, don’t be too adventurous, some tattoos are very personal and unless you have a binding relationship a tattoo that only your significant other can see might become an embarrassment if that relationship ends, the tattoo doesn’t know the difference. Find a design that reflects who you are individually and if you ever find another person with your same tattoo consider them a life long friend.


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