How to Get Rid of Love Handles

When we politely talk about “love handles” or “spare tires” or “beer bellies”, the guys reading this will surely know what we’re talking about: excess fat around one’s mid-section.

Love Handles

This is usually most common in males; women usually have excess fat deposits around their thighs or butt (the dreaded cellulite!). For most men; the waistline is a common place for storing fat for period of crisis.

We, however, the post-wars generation, have witnessed few such lean periods and therefore, our body fat stays in the waist. Another one of those evolutionary quirks we have to live with, I suppose! The following are the few methods on how to lose love handles..

The best possible way is also the most obvious: going on a diet. By diet, we mean a proper permanent diet with food planned by an expert, not any whimsical weight-plan designed to starve you to death.

The diet should stress on health foods in your meals, without there being an overabundance of them. A lot of good diet books in the market will tell you how to effectively balance the consumption of protein, carbohydrates, fibers and fat. A good diet will help you lose pounds, and you can effectively say good-bye to those love handles!

How to lose love handles through exercise:

Side bend: Stand straight with your legs apart and your knees a little bent. Slowly bend your torso to the left for a few inches (or as much as you can mange) and lift yourself up in standing position. Repeat on the other side. Remember not to move backwards or forwards in this exercise as that ma damage your spine.

Torso Twists: While keeping your legs apart, stand firmly on the ground and twist your torso from one side to another. Do not move your hips or legs, only the torso. This exercise is best practiced gradually or it might give you a cramp or cause a muscle pull.

How to lose love handles fast: Surgeries.

If you’re not the kind for diets and exercise (read: you’re just plain lazy!) a number of surgical operations might help you lose fat. However, these come with their own set of risks and side effects, and can never be substitutes for the good old methods of weight-loss.

For Liposuction, you’re put under local or general anesthesia (depending on the size of your fat pockets), and the surgeon vacuums out the excess fat with the help of a hose in your gut. However, it leaves a flap of loose skin behind, and without a proper diet, you can go back to those spare tires.

Abdominoplasty or “tummy tucks” can also get rid of extra flab or skin, but leaves a huge, permanent scar behind. A gastric bypass surgery reduces the size of your stomach and is only recommended if you’re eon the verge of dying with obesity!

This is highly risky and also leaves a scar. These surgeries are also hugely expensive. That might be another reason for you to start dieting today!

Strip that Fat is a no-nonsense weight lose program to help get rid of more than your love handles.

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