Natural Vitamin Supplements

When you are young and healthy, you don’t usually consider taking a dietary supplement. However, as you age or when illness strikes, especially if it is accompanied by fatigue, you may start to reconsider.

Although no dietary supplement can halt the aging process, with consistent use of natural vitamin supplements, you can reach your own optimum level of health in addition to getting some relief from symptoms caused by an underlying illness.

There are two main types of dietary supplements; those that are considered botanical ( herb types ) and those that are considered nutritional, that include vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

You may be young and have a healthy lifestyle, but vegetables and fruits can only transmit the nutrition they draw from the worn out soil they are grown in. Valuable nutrients can be missing from this soil, which is one of the reasons chemical fertilizers are required in farming.

Also consider that food is not delivered to you as soon as it is picked. Most fruits and vegetables are at least a week old by the time it makes it to your home. Many times it is harvested before ripe and placed in cold storage, sometimes for months, until demand arises.

Over time, the nutritional content slowly starts diminishing. Then it is sprayed with a gas to finish the ripening process quickly. Although this gas is said to be safe at low level, it is carcinogenic, or capable of causing cancer.

It is widely believed that a lack of magnesium can contribute to high blood pressure. High blood pressure is often treated with medication that has undesirable side effects. In some cases, however, simply adding a magnesium rich supplement can replace prescription medications completely. Certainly discuss this option with your doctor before attempting.

Folic acid is often attributed to symptoms such as shortness of breath, loss of appetite, irritability, and forgetfulness. Most animal and plant foods are poor sources of folic acid with the exception of liver. But let’s face it, how many people do you know that actually like liver? If you suffer from any of these problems, ask your doctor if you need a supplement.

Health care professionals are increasing recommending nutritional supplements, although opponents claim that supplements are unnecessary and simply give us expensive urine. Especially if you are under stress of illness, experiencing growth spurts, or pregnant you will want to ensure you are getting enough of the vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are necessary for good health.

Multivitamins and other natural vitamin supplements are the ideal way to ensure your body gets enough of what it needs.

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