How to Train Your Puppy

Puppy training can be a lot of hard work, but it can also be fun. This is the most important part of your pet’s life because while he is still young, most of the groundwork for future behaviour will be laid. Make sure you get off on the right foot by starting to teach him early, and being consistent with your commands and training.

Crate training puppies is something you can start the minute you bring your new puppy home. Set him up his own personal area, and let him gradually become comfortable in it. Crate training can help in all future training, so it is a great place to start. Since puppies have not yet developed sufficient bladder control, they should be crated for relatively short periods of time at first, with the length of time gradually increased. Once they are adapted to their crate, you can begin house breaking.

Potty training puppies can be a lot of fun and is the perfect time to create the bond between you and your new friend that will last a lifetime. Make sure you have plenty of time in the beginning, as well as lots of patience. Potty training will not happen overnight, but it gives you and your pet plenty of time to spend together. By using positive reinforcement instead of punishment, your puppy will quickly become eager to please. This will build trust, and make future training easier.

Dog puppy training will also involve stopping chewing and biting. To stop puppy biting, show him that biting physically hurts you. Leave him alone when he bites you, showing him that he will also lose attention and a playmate if he continues biting.

To stop puppy chewing, you need to make sure he has plenty of appropriate chew toys and bones. Do not allow him access to anything off limits, and if he is caught chewing on something, replace it with a chew toy. For large objects such as furniture you may also need to use a safe chemical spray that will discourage puppy chewing.

Obedience training for puppies is extremely crucial. Puppy obedience training will teach your pet what you expect from him, and will familiarise him with the basic commands you will use for the rest of his life. Always be consistent and positive during puppy dog training.

One of the most important puppy training tips is simply to be patient and loving.

Training a puppy will take time, but losing patience will do nothing except hurt the process.

Training your puppy can be a lot of fun if you approach it with the right attitude!

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