Review of the Burgman Scooter’s little Chinese Cousins?

In August of 2006 I bought my wife a new Burgman 400 with the idea that she would be able to keep up with me on my Goldwing.

She was a very inexperienced rider and found even the relatively small mass of the Burgman 400 intimidating. I started riding the Burgman and bought her an Adventure 150, a very nice looking 150 cc Chinese import.

Burgman Scooter Near Flower Bush

Burgman 400 Scooter – Photo by Greg

Better than the Burgman Scooter (400 model)?

While it’s true that’s quality doesn’t compare with the Burgman, it cost less than $1500 brand new.

It weighs half of what the Burgman 400 does and the Mrs. felt much more comfortable riding it.

She’s put several thousand miles on it commuting to work and has really enjoyed riding it. At 80+ mpg it has saved us a bit of money too.

I’m relating our experience with this Chinese scooter because I often see them bashed on this site, often called a waste of money.

Yes they are old tech, i.e mechanical drum brakes in the rear, just like those ’70’s era Hondas I rode in those days. But they are cheap and reasonably reliable transportation, and a lot of fun.

I think they are a good starter bike for a new rider. My wife is now taking occasional joy rides on the Burgman.

I sold my Goldwing last year and now ride the Burgman to work most of the time. I had planned to move up to a Burgman 650 when she started riding the Burgman 400. That may still happen, but I’m in no hurry since the 400 is such a great ride.

Any one else have a positive experience with the Burgman’s little Chinese cousins?

Cheers, Adrian


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