Scarabeo 200 vs Virago 250, Who would win in a fight?

I like the Virago 250. I think it is a cool bike. For a beginner there are advantages to a scooter. Storage and wind protection are nice features but automatic transmission and clutch make
learning to ride easer and safer.

As for the size of the bike you are going to ride it not carry it. With the motor off as long as you can comfortably push the bike about on level ground and handle the weight on and off the
stands the size does not matter. I have ridden many bikes at 1000 pounds and I am also 5-7. It is easer to learn on a small bike and caused less damage when you drop it. On the road a heaver
bike is more stable and once rolling and the feet are up the weight is all balanced.

You should however have an inseam number larger than the seat height number to be comfortable and this is an advantage with the Virago and most cruisers. I have had to tip toe many tall bikes over the years and this would not be good for a new rider. Heavy boots can help but there is a lot to be said for having a machine that fits you. Go set on the bikes/scooter you like and see what feels right.

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