Sentosa Beach

Do you desire to have a real feel of nature and enjoyment to your satisfaction? Sentosa beach is the ideal place for that. Sentosa is an island of peace and tranquility as implied by the name. Sentosa Island was formerly used as British military base. Sentosa recreational resort center covers a total area of 390 hectare.

One of the remarkable features in Sentosa Island is the Sentosa beach. The beach is about 3.2 km long. The beach is mostly covered by sandy soil that make a relaxing place for all. There are a whole lot of activities going on in the beach to make your day memorable and enjoyable one.

There are a number of games which one can play in order to exercise oneself while at the same having a good feeling of nature. Such games as volley ball are played on the beach during the weekend. Besides there is a number of leisure activities that you participate in. Such leisure games include in-line skating, canoeing, horse riding and swimming.

The beauty of the Sentosa beach has made it the venue for some of the popular events in Singapore like Sentosa Sensation and Black Moon Foam parties.

Sentosa Beach Map

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