The Best eBay Sellers Tools

To successfully setup a almost fully automated eBay store you need the right tools to make your job easy.

And the hardest part of selling on eBay, yet the most important is research, research and lots more research!

Below are reviews of the top tools for selling on ebay. All of which I personally use and recommend after testing and trialing the many tools available online.


Besides eBay itself and Google trends. To find what’s hot in eBay requires the right research tool.

You see it’s not about selling what YOU like on eBay, it’s about selling what people want. And if you can find something you like selling along with being something that people want – you are on a winner!

If you understand this then Big Profits are coming your way (after your solid session of research first )


Terapeak Research
Average User Rating: 5/5

I love this tool and whenever I introduce a new product to my eBay store I always use Terapeak to research the category (to tell me which is a hot category and product).

I also use this tool to check for competition and how well similar products have sold on eBay.

If your a serious eBay seller then Terapeak is the perfect Research companion.

Click here to visit the Terapeak Website

Wholesalers & Dropshipping Lists

Finding the best suppliers for your chosen product category is one of the hardest things when you first start selling seriously on eBay. My top pick is the SaleHoo website and more importantly it contains (unbiased) forums where eBay sellers and wholesalers chat about everything eBay.


SaleHoo Wholesalers
Average User Rating: 4.5/5

I strongly recommend that you check out SaleHoo Wholesalers. What I love about this lifetime subscription is that it contains a comprehensive list of active wholesalers and dropshippers for almost any product you can think of,

For the price, you can’t go wrong.

Click here to visit the Salehoo Websit