Using a DJ BPM List

Talented DJs are very much used to the routines they go through every day while performing in front of a live crowd or making some noise on the radio.

These types of DJs know exactly what songs to play to fit the mood and know creatively what songs to blend them with and what songs should follow afterwards.

Some of these DJs are even moving on to the digital world making use of laptops and DJ software to do things that weren’t possible with traditional equipment.

Even newer DJs can catch on quick with the many tracks available, but one of the harder parts is getting all the tracks together and setting up a good sequence to impress the crowd.  A DJ BPM list can come in real handy and can aid novice DJs in delivering a good performance.  Here are some of the key benefits of having a DJ BPM list with you.

Gives DJs More Ideas in Crafting Creative Sets

The primary function of a DJ BPM list is to get a glimpse of what songs play well with other songs.  For proper synchronization of beats, the BPMs of both tracks should be equal.  However, the list isn’t used only to see which ones play well together, but it also gives DJs important information on what tracks need to be sped up or slowed down to keep it on beat with the other track playing.  When mixing three or four tracks at the same time, these BPM lists can be crucial in coming up with a creative piece.  There are tons of tracks alone that have the same BPM so the list provides a nice filter that can restrict the selection to a few good tracks that may work well with other music.

Benefits Traditional DJs

DJs that have very large music libraries and the latest DJ software no longer need BPM lists because the BPM list is already integrated with the software.  Traditional DJs that still prefer using the turntables can find some usefulness as it is more difficult to gauge the BPM of tracks since there is no display.  CDJs use BPM information, but it only displays the BPM of the current track limiting its function.

Helps DJs Discover New Music

Some BPM lists can contain thousands of tracks more than your existing mp3 or CD collection.  By simply browsing through the list, you should be able to spot some music that you never played before and may blend in well with your best sets.  Newer BPM lists may be released in the future that can help you stay up to date with the latest music available.

Can be used by DJs for Reference even while Performing

A DJ BPM list doesn’t have to be solely used for planning a set.  It can also be used by live performers that use their laptops to play.  Some BPM lists can come in a variety of formats like the PDF format for easy searching or Excel Spreadsheet format for easy browsing and sorting,

DJ BPMs can be ordered with ease in many online sources which should be convincing enough for novice DJs to grab.

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