Vespa S


The Vespa S is the brand new Piaggio Vespa to hit the market. My first emotion is Wow – and the next feelings I feel border on the erotic. The one thing that is noticeable to even the lay man is how small this scooter is. Compared to previous Scooters – the Vespa S is styled to look like the 50 special – which is a very good thing. In comparison with a lot of the latest Vespa incarnations the most obvious difference is the shape of the Headlight. I really like the headlight – it seems more masculine?

The Speedo this machine is very chromey – again a great thing (you can never have to much chrome!)

Ok so we know its sexy! but what about the boring stuff like price?

How about £2,650! That ain’t half bad, for such a pretty machine – I think this baby is going to be on my Christmas list.

What do you guys think? Are you going to be selling your current Vespa to get one of these?


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