How to Stop Your Dog Barking

Understanding How to Stop My Dog Barking

“How to stop my dog barking?” is one of the most popular questions that dog owners ask around the world.

When your dog barks it is an incredibly natural thing for them to do, however, over time it can become a bad habit.

A barking dog can disturb the people in the neighborhood, and become a nuisance extremely quickly if it’s barking for no apparent reason.

However, your dog will bark for numerous reasons; therefore, you need to understand what is causing your dog to bark. Once you understand the causes, you can begin to work on a solution which is humane for the dog, affordable, and straightforward to implement.  There are several different techniques, which you can apply to help with your dog barking.


Dogs bark when they are bored, lonely, distressed, seeking your attention, when someone is creeping / suspicious or to show their dominance. Therefore, it is vital to train your dog to understand when barking is necessary; however, it can take patience and time. If your dog is older and has got into the habit of barking for no reason, the training will take longer.

Puppies are the easiest age to train, however, all dogs can be taught to stop barking if you put in the effort. When you begin to ask the question how to stop my dog barking, you will see that there are several resources, which can be used to help with the problem. Bark collars are one solution that is incredibly popular, and can help you to train your dog effectively.

This technique may seem extreme; however, if you use the bark collar correctly, it can ensure that your dog understands the right time to bark.  All training needs to be performed using a reward system as dog’s respond better to this form of training. Your dog will need to be taught that barking to gain attention is not allowed and that they will be ignored when they bark.

There are several different designs of bark collar, which you can purchase for your dog to help with the training methods. If you use the collar correctly, your dog will learn very quickly that barking for the wrong reasons is not allowed. You will need to decide how severe your dog’s barking is, and what your budget is for the collar.

Shock collars are often chosen as they are the simplest style of collar to use, and will ensure that your dog is trained correctly. Every time your dog barks unnecessarily, they will receive a short, sharp shock, which will make your dog stop barking. The sensation that your dog will experience is not painful; however, it is unpleasant.

Dogs are incredibly intelligent, and your dog will soon understand that barking causes this unpleasant feeling. Therefore, they will not bark unnecessarily, and will ensure that you and your neighbors are not disturbed. If you have asked the question how to stop my dog barking, but do not want to use a shock collar, reward training is another method.

High pitch noises are an excellent way to stop your dog barking without the need for a shock collar, and will not be heard by other people. The sound, which is omitted, can only be heard by dogs, ensuring that it is a highly effective method of training. This style of training may take some time; however, the long term effects are worth the effort.

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