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How many times have you told yourself that you are going to finally have that garage sale and get rid of all that “junk” once and for all? Then you take a second look and decide that it is not “junk” after all and that you could get good money for these things. So you decide that you will sell your “stuff” on eBay.

You probably ask around and find that many people are doing just that. “It’s so easy!” they say. Well, if you are like me, you never do get around to doing it because it is not so easy.

You need photos and you need to be established as a seller in many instances before anyone will take you seriously. Also there are so many products for sale on ebay, what are the chances of yours being sold?

Well, the answer is to use an eBay store. Finding your local eBay store is not all difficult. Just visit the eBay site online and there will be a list of local stores. Then all you have to do is take your sale-able items to your local eBay drop off store and they will do the rest.

Some stores even pickup the merchandise. You can avoid all the effort involved in getting photographs, writing product descriptions, making accurate listings, finding boxes, paying for shipping, posting feedback on eBay, and collecting the money from the buyer.

eBay stores are professionals. They do all that work and you just sit back and collect the money. Speaking of money, you must know that you can expect to pay up to 50% of the sale of your items as commission to the store. This number may vary depending on the eBay store.

While you might make more by selling your items by yourself, that is IF your items sell; you need to consider the pros and cons and decide on what is best for you. Also remember, the eBay store may be able to get a higher price to begin with than you may have gotten yourself selling you merchandise online.

eBay drop off stores have now become “power sellers”. They carry almost anything you can imagine. As if eBay wasn’t enough of a marketplace for buyers and sellers alike, now physical stores springing up all over the nation enhancing the online selling.

Entrepreneur Magazine wrote that eBay drop off stores were “One of the hot 13 businesses.” So they have been around for years and it doesn’t seem like they are going away anytime soon.

If you are interested in more than just dropping off your items to an eBay store and would like to find out more about this as a business opportunity, you can also get all the information you need by visiting the eBay site as well.

Keep in mind though if are considering opening up an eBay store or just being a “supplier” to an eBay store, you need to be a really good shopper to make it work and be profitable.

If you want to sell your own goods, you need the right knowledge to get maximum profits. I recommend you check out my reviews of the “Best eBay Selling Guides”

Wishing You Great Success

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