3 Rathbone Street, Central London | Email Scam | Rebbeca Jane Dagg

A friend of mine has just been given a scam email on gumtree.com and I thought i should alert other internet users of this scam.

I will put a copy of the email at the end of this post so Internet searchers can find it. I dislike scammers but this one person is preying on vulnerable foreigners who are looking for rooms to rent in London. The email has a lot of information regarding how great the room is, but the women/ fat man is not asking for any monthly rent…she is just lonely!

Alarms bell should ring when the deal seems to good to be true but I can understand the desperation that a foreigner can feel when looking for somewhere to live. Ok so lets put all the facts that this women has given us:

Photo by ToastyKen

Name: Rebbeca Jane Dagg
Location of property: 3 Rathbone Street, Central london

Rebbeca Jane dagg has also sent a scanned version of her passport – but we still don’t know if this Rebbeca Jane Dagg exists so it really proves nothing.

Once you have shown interest, Rebbeca will then inform you that you need to send her some money upfront in order to secure the room. I then imagine the “receipt” never shows up and then you later find out that the property never exists and that you have been scammed.

I hope by writing this blog post, i will be able to rank for the address on Google…so i can stop any other foreigners getting burnt as I know the scammer is working on gumtree at the moment.

Remember if its too good to be true – then it probably is!

Here is a copy of the email that he/she has sent round.

Hello ,
The place is located on, 3 Rathbone Street, Central London/Oxford Street, W1T 1LB
Quiet; 15 Min to 2 or 3 express train
Internet/Cable Ready
Brand New Washer & Dryer in the apartment
Huge Windows in the entire Apt/Lots of Light
Living Room is Furnished w/2 pc Sectional Jennifer Convertible Couch; Denon Surround Sound Speakers
Gourmet Style Kitchen open into the Living Room
Hardwood Floor,12″ Ceilings
THE ROOM: Master Bedroom FURNISHED; Be Ready to provide 1stmonth rent 300 pounds(bills inclusive),security deposit 100 pounds(refundable)
12″ Ceilings; 12 X 6
2 Huge Windows with a great View
Huge Walk-in Closet with Storage space on top
Internet and Cable Ready
You really have to see the
apartment to believe it. This will go fast
You should be:
Mature, Clean, Considerate, Responsible Male/Female And All The Other Things You Would Want In A Roommate
You Will Have Your Own Private Bedroom Literally 12’x6′ Which Does Comfortably Fit A Twin, Full, or Queen Sized Bed.Each room in the apartment Has A Built In Closet, A Large Window (i.e. Natural Day Light), A Small Desk, High Speed Wireless Internet, and Your Own Independent Digital Cable Connection w/500+ Channels (In Your Room).
The whole apartment You Will Rent Is furnished, The Apartment Is Completely Furnished And Beautiful. We Do Not Need Any Common Area Furniture.
I am Very Organized, Busy But Also Very Laid
Back And Clean Individual Very Respectful Of Each Other’s Space & Privacy. The Walls Are Thick So The Room & Apartment Are Very Quiet & Peaceful.
All Utilities Including High Speed Wireless Roadrunner Internet Throughout The Apartment, Maxed
Out Digital Cable TV w/All Premium Stations (In Your Room & Living Room), Central Air Con., Electricity, Central Heating, and Gas Are Included w/Rent.
here Is A Apartment Lease Agreement.
I Would Like To Show You My Apartment So Please Shoot Me An Email

Goodge Street: 0.1 mile(s) approx.
Tottenham Court Road: 0.2 mile(s) approx.
Oxford Circus: 0.3 mile(s) approx.
Euston: 0.4 mile(s) approx.
Euston (London): 0.5 mile(s) approx.
London St Pancras: 0.7 mile(s) approx.
London (City): 7.2 mile(s) approx.
London (Heathrow): 14.7 mile(s) approx.
Palladium: 0.3 mile(s) approx.

Whatever your reason for visiting London, it is a city that has something to offer everyone. London has successfully fused its grand heritage with modern living and attracts a wide range of visitors every year. Whether, it’s sightseeing in Trafalgar Square, shopping on Oxford Street or entertainment in the West End, you will be spoilt for choice. London also has a huge choice of restaurants, bars and hotels to suit any budget.
While the areas to the north of the Thames are renowned for housing many of London’s traditional attractions, e.g. Buckingham Palace, to the south of the river there is still much to see with many of the newer and more contemporary attractions, e.g. The Tate Modern. If you are on a budget there are also many free attractions throughout the city. London is Europe’s largest city and it is easy to get overwhelmed and not make the most of your visit, so it’s worth planning your trip and familiarising yourself with its districts before you travel.

The quality and choice of dining in London has developed dramatically in recent years, and many of the world’s top chefs have chosen London as the place to house their prestigious restaurants. You will also find a fantastic range of affordable options to suit any budget. With flavours from all over the world, you will be spoilt for choice.

These are place where you get good meal:
The Rock Garden
6/7 The Piazza, Covent Garden, London, WC2E, +44 (0)207 257 8613

Belgo Centraal
29b Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9LJ, +44 (0)207 813 2233

Palm Court Brasserie
39 King Street, London, WC2E 8JS, +44 (0)20 7240 2939……ETC…

There are also bars and pubs if you care for some…..I mean after a long day at work

I’m looking for a responsible tenant that’s clean pay the bills on time and that has great positive energy. There are plenty of negative people out there the last thing I want is to come home to a negative filled house
and vice versa. Email me with any other questions you might have and I will gladly answer them. I’m looking to rent out to nice and cool person
i really understand your plight and i want you to know that the apartment is fully available.Its your place and you can receive visits as much as it wouldnt inconvenient you….I would like to know how long you will be staying and when you will love to move in……LOL


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