3 Tips on How to Repair the Windows Registry

Having a clean and optimised registry is critical to the performance of your PC. Whether your computer is just running a little slow or if you’re seeing errors, hang ups, system crashes… a good registry tune up is sure to help you out.

Every time you install or uninstall a program there will be unneeded trash bogging down your performance. A good registry scan can make your computer perform like new again.

Over time, your system registry inadvertently does become clogged up. There’s really nothing you can do to prevent it. But don’t worry; there is something that you can do to cure it!

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The key is to find yourself some really good registry repair software.

My personal favourite is Registry Mechanic. It is a really easy to use, yet powerful piece of registry repair and cleaning software. Check out our review of Registry Mechanic Below.

I encourage you to read the tips below as well as the articles that are continually added to this site.

Tip #1:

Not all registry repair and clean-up programs are created equal. Make sure you look for one that is easy yet powerful. One that backs up your current registry settings just in case something does go wrong, you can simply restore your old settings.

Tip #2:

Scan your registry frequently. I personally have my software set to scan daily. Every morning when I wake up the first thing I review is my completed virus scan and registry scan log files. Make sure you set up your software to scan automatically so you can just “set it and forget it!”

Tip #3:

A messy registry doesn’t just slow your computer down… it is often caused by larger problems. Things like windows errors, slow performance, hardware malfunctions, computer freezing, or system crashes. Often times a good registry cleaning and/or registry optimisation is all that you need.

What You Should Know About Registry Mechanic

On the surface, Registry Mechanic may appear to be just like all those registry clean-up packages that can be downloaded these days. However, to get a real idea of what this product can do, you need to take it for a test drive. Fortunately, that is easy to do, since Registry Mechanic offers a free scan that will demonstrate exactly why this is the one to go with.

Registry Mechanic will provide a lot of checking as part of that free scan. The scan will help to identify such factors as the missing file associations, as well as any issues with the start-up systems on your hard drive. Registry Mechanic will also look at the applications on your system and identify any duplications that may have taken place as part of the installing and uninstalling we all do when we upgrade software applications. If there are any spare files that are residing on the hard drive that appear to no longer be used in running your current software, Registry Mechanic will also pick up on those and give you the chance to wipe them off the system.

There are also some extra features that may really pique your interest. One really handy tool is the browser helping object manager. We all know that it is possible to pick up applications that run silently in the background and take up valuable resources. While many of these are simple tracking programs, some of them are of a more malevolent nature. Registry Mechanic will flag this sort of thing as it begins to run, giving you the chance to jettison the unwelcome application.

Along with the browser helping object manager, there is also a startup program manager that allows you to manage the start-up functions of all your programs from one simple menu. This can be a very helpful tool if you need to make changes quickly as part of a security upgrade, or just to keep access to your programs coded.

Two other features help to make Registry Mechanic stand out from the crowd. The backup utility feature makes it possible to schedule and control all your system backups from one easy control access. This includes such basic functions as scanning and defragmenting your hard drive, or any other active drive.  The program manager feature makes removing unwanted programs and their associated files simpler than ever, as well as providing the platform to launch the installation of new software.

Give Registry Mechanic a try.  With the free scan, all it will cost you to get a feel for the product is a few moments of your time. Since there is nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not start the scan right now? You might find that there is quite a need for all the talents of this excellent registry maintenance and repair software.



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