5 Great Philippine Fishing Destinations

The Philippines’ beaches attract tourists by the thousands each and every single year, this despite real or perceived dangers. It is understandable if you have ever been to any of the many beautiful beaches, because the white sands, clear waters, and affordability help to provide an attractive holiday destination.

Even if you do not consider yourself much of a ‘beach person’, you will still be impressed by some of the beaches that the Philippines has to offer. For those seeking a fishing holiday in the Philippines these beaches will not disappoint.

Let us take a look at just 5 great Philippine fishing destinations that also happen to be considered as 5 of best beaches as well:


1. First up is Boracay. You might have heard some people mention Boracay, and that it is somewhat overrated, but that might have something to do with the fact that it also happens to be the most popular of all the beaches that the country has to offer.

On the other hand, there are many who think that Boracay deserves every bit of acclaim that it receives.

It’s beautiful white sand winds its way along the bay, sloping gently here and there. Water based activities are plentiful including fishing opportunities. There are also various shops, dining establishments, accommodation options, and other types of beach front businesses on offer, not to mention an active night life. The water is warm when the weather is cool, and cool when the weather is warm.

Even if you do not intend to spend much time swimming and enjoying the beach, it is a great place to cast your line.

Panglao Island

2. On Panglao Island you will find Bohol Beach. This is where you are likely to see dolphins frolicking in the water and interacting with the boats. In fact, a really great and popular way to enjoy this region is to hire a boat. These are available at a very affordable fee and manned by a cheerful boatman. You can dolphin watch or even enjoy some time fishing until you are ready to return to the beach.

Puerto Galera

3. If you are not inclined to opt for something as popular and big as Boracay, you might want to choose something a little smaller. If that is the case then you might want to check out Puerto Galera. Along with great fishing opportunities you will also find a night life that is just as active as the one offered in Boracay if on a smaller scale.

Again there are all the usual beach activities on offer and accommodation is well priced. As with most places you will be able to have your pick of hotels, guest houses, or even self-catering accommodation, which is becoming increasingly popular all around the world, as well as in the Philippines. The concept affords certain distinct advantages and is ideal for those traveling in groups or for families on vacation.

Samal Island

4. If you are traveling with family and/or friends and looking for the ideal location for your holiday getaway, another great place to consider is Samal Island. Again you will find gentle sloping, beautiful white sandy beaches. There are precautions in place when you visit Samal Island, however.

For instance, tourist sections are actually fenced off from the deeper water. Although these sections might not be suitable for fishing in the conventional sense of the word, you can still enjoy watching fish swimming around in the clear water. There are many beach activities to on offer and which can be enjoyed by all ages.


5. When it comes to the islands of Marinduque you will find that there are quite a number of beaches. Some are more popular than others and for different reasons. Of course, there are many beaches in the Philippines and perhaps none of the ones we have looked at are what you are looking for. Hey there are over 7000 Islands… take your pick!

The Philippines really is a great destination and the Filipino people are known for being hospitable and welcoming. In fact, the Filipinos themselves are often cited as one of the primary reasons why it is such a great holiday destination. The best time to travel there is between November and May, because this is when the weather is at its best.

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