7 Tips on How to Save on Gas

These days people are focusing on driving leaner-and greener. With the economy affecting our wallets, and people talking about saving the environment, let’s see if we can come up with 7 Tips on How to Save on Gas-real tips that will work for you.

Saving on Gas Tip #1 – Check Local Prices

Visit websites like Gasbuddy.com or Mapquest’s gas price link. Enter your zip code to find the lowest prices currently in your area. Check to see if your gas station gives a discount for paying in cash. Some gas stations charge you less per gallon if you use their charge card, but you have to evaluate whether it’s a real savings when you consider the finance or service charges.

Saving on Gas Tip #2 – Neighbourhood Bargains

Check the retail grocery stores in your area for gasoline cards. Some stores offer discounts on gas based on your store purchases. One frugal lady writes us that she coordinates her local grocer’s sales with Sunday’s newspaper coupons, buys the sale items, and earns credit toward gas purchases. Another shopper buys a Sears gift card at a store that gives gas credits for gift cards, and then uses it for groceries at a Super K-mart. See what works in your area.

Be aware of your gas usage. Track your mileage by writing down the number on your odometer when you fill up your tank. The next time you buy gas, fill up again and note how many gallons you have purchased. Also note your new odometer number.

Subtract your new mileage from your old mileage, and divide this by the number of gallons it took to fill up your tank: That’s your car’s MPG. Track this regularly, and compare your mileage if you’ve just completed a highway trip compared to normal city driving. Now that you’re fully aware of your gasoline usage and costs, ask which trips are really necessary, combine your errands, or carpool.

Saving on Gas Tip #3 – Driving Tips

Watch your braking. Hard, sudden stops use more gas. Anticipate when a light will turn green and roll up to it slowly; maybe you’ll miss the red light altogether. Revving your engine at red lights sucks up gas. Sudden acceleration when the light turns green uses way more gas than a gentle take-off. Idling is wasteful, and long warm-ups on cold mornings are unnecessary.

Saving on Gas Tip #4 –┬áSit on the limit

Keep it at 55mph on the highway. Back in the Seventies, when there was a gas crisis that caused rationing-you bought gas according to your license plate number-highway driving nationwide was limited to 55. When you drive at 65 or 75, your car has a greater, gas-guzzling, aerodynamic drag. Plus you’ll dodge the speed cameras – extra bonus.

Saving on Gas Tip #5 – Car maintenance tips:

When you need a lube-oil-air filter change, plan to get it just before a major road trip. You’ll get better mileage at a time when you’re using a large quantity of gas. Follow the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual to keep your car running at peak efficiency.

Saving on Gas Tip #6 – Keeping it cool:

Many people believe that using air conditioning is wasteful. The fact is that it’s no more wasteful than driving along with your windows open. The aerodynamic drag of the wind pulling through your windows guzzles just about as much gas as the a/c. We suggest turning off your a/c several minutes before you reach your destination.

Saving on Gas Tip #7 – Your tires:

Many people suggest adding a pound or two to the recommended pressure. This might get you a little bit more mileage right now, but in the long run it will wear out your rubber. Instead of reading 7 Tips on How to Save on Gas, you’ll be wondering about how to save your tires! So just keep them at the recommended air pressure. Be certain to check them regularly, however. Letting them get low also wears them out and that does use more gas.

It is possible to save money at the tank. The really great part about practising these 7 Tips on How to Save on Gas is that they’ll spill over to your other daily habits as well. When you go off to work, turn your lights off at home. Your errands will be more organised. When you’re at the store, make wise purchases.

Before you know it, you’ll be pocketing savings on a regular basis.


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