How to Make a Bloody Mary

How to make a Bloody Mary is one of the most popular questions for anyone hosting a party who wants to impress their guests. There are several different recipes, which are used for the Bloody Mary, and once you have found the perfect one, you will use it for many years. Traditionally this refreshing drink would have only had vodka and tomato juice. However, today many other ingredients are included to add some zang.

Bloody Mary

There are several different accounts regarding where the recipe for the Bloody Mary originated; however, many people believe that the credit should go to George Jessel. The original recipe was believed to have been created in 1939, and adapted in later years by Fernand Petiot. The original recipe has been improvised over the years, to create an incredible tasty drink.

When you begin to ask how to make a Bloody Mary, you will find that the two basic ingredients are vodka, and tomato juice in equal quantities. However, some recipes will ask for extra spices and different tomato juice to provide a substantial base. Many people, who drink this drink on a regular basis, do so for the huge amount of nutrition and protein.

Once you have the base drink, you may want to spice up your Bloody Mary, which can be achieved with pepper, salt, Tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper. All of these ingredients will provide an added kick, which can make the drink incredibly refreshing. Some people also add lemon juice, onion or a celery stick to enhance the flavor.

Tip: Celery salt makes it delicious!

If you want to experiment with different flavors, you may want to consider adding a different base alcohol, other than vodka. This could be tequila, sake, or rum, which will all change the overall taste of the drink. However, some believe that this style of Bloody Mary is not authentic, and the drink should only be made with vodka.

With such a huge array of different recipes, it can be daunting to know which one to choose, however, experimenting with different ideas is perfect. Learning how to make a Bloody Mary can be fun, and the ideal way to break the ice at a party. Whether you like your drink with just tomato juice and vodka, or with hot sauce and spices, there is a variation for everyone.

Once you have the ingredients together that you want to use, they will need to be shaken vigorously to ensure that they are all mixed. The Bloody Mary should be served in a tall glass with a stick of celery for garnish. If possible, you should avoid commercially bought tomato juice as they have a high salt content. There are low salt versions available if you are concerned, or you could make your own tomato juice.

The Bloody Mary is often served at brunch; however, you can enjoy this refreshing drink whenever you want. Once you know how to make a Bloody Mary, you will be serving them at every occasion, and perfecting your own recipe. A Bloody Mary is an excellent accompaniment to Mexican food, and any spicy dishes.

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