How To Find A Boyfriend That Will Treat You Well

Tips and advice to help you know how to find a boyfriend will depend largely on what age you are.

That is because a teen looking for a boyfriend has different issues to consider, compared with more mature women.

Again, even if the women concerned are all mature, there are various aspects to consider in that group as well, such as lifestyle, income, career, family, finances, and so on. A woman who is career driven and not on the search for Mr. Right is not going to have the same list of criteria as a divorcé who is raising a couple of kids on her own.

Young women in college will have a different set of criteria than those who are not in college. This all tells us that answering the question of how one goes about finding a boyfriend is really not as simple as it might appear at first.

Couple In Love

Of course, despite the differences that exist among women, when it comes to the men they choose to date, there are also certain areas that they share in common, no matter what their age or circumstance may be in life.


All women, whether they are sixteen or sixty, deserve to have a partner that will respect them. Knowing what it means to have respect for someone is very important, especially for young girls. Just because a boy will treat you nicely when he is with you, is no reason to assume that he is the right boy for you. What he does when he is not with you is just as important as what he does when he is with you.

To an extent the same is true for the older crowd as well. Many older women who have been out of the dating game for a while, and find themselves once again in it when they are older, feel a little bit overwhelmed and uncertain. They might have a history of failed relationships behind them, or perhaps they are newly single after a long term relationship, such as a marriage, for instance. Women like this often lack self-esteem and confidence, making them easy targets for men that are only interested in themselves.

Therefore it is crucial to know what respect is and to believe that you deserve nothing less, irrespective of your age or circumstances. Another very important criteria to consider when you are looking for ways of finding a boyfriend, is to consider your likes and dislikes. Ironically, this is a time when you need to be a little narcissistic, actually. Really get to know what you like and do not like, what your beliefs are, why you believe what you do, and what you want for your life. When you know these things about yourself it makes finding the right partner that bit easier, because you will be able to identify the traits that matter to you more easily.

It is always vital that you never compromise yourself for the sake of someone else. That means that you need to stick to what you know and what you believe and not settle for second best. Of course, those with low self-esteem struggle when it comes to this. There is the fear of being alone that, for some women, is all but crippling, and forces them into unhealthy relationships. They are in love with the idea of being in love, and even the illusion of it suffices. Sadly, they seldom find a fulfilling and rewarding relationship.

As mentioned at the start, answering the question of how to find a boyfriend is a complex one, however when it comes to certain things like respect, dignity, and self-esteem, these are things every girl and woman needs to focus on.

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