How to Make a Memo Board with Ribbon

A child’s bedroom is not only the place where they go to sleep at night.  It should also be their sanctuary.  It should be the one place they can go when they want to be alone and where they can just be themselves, or where they can play with their friends, do homework, or relax.  Allowing your child to help decorate their bedroom will help them to learn to express their creative side, and encouraging the development of their personality and imagination.

Brighten a Child’s Room!

Brightening up your child’s bedroom does not have to cost a fortune and so can be done even on a tight budget.  You might want to add a chalkboard to your child’s room by painting a closet door with chalkboard paint, or even a whole wall if you like.  Even a small chalkboard that is framed can be hung on a wall and used as and when the child wants.  If your child’s bedroom has a color scheme do not fear that the chalkboard will clash, because there are different colors of chalkboard paint available these days.  You can select one that will fit in nicely with the color scheme of the room.

A memo board with ribbons can look very attractive in a child’s bedroom and indeed in other rooms of the home as well.  They are a great do-it-yourself project that the child can become involved in.  Adding ribbons of a particular width and color will help to make the board unique and add a personal touch, because it will be designed in line with the child’s preferences.  They can attach pictures of their family members, friends, pets, and even celebrities to the board.  These memo boards are also useful when the child begins to attend school, because they can help them keep important information easily and conveniently displayed.

Making a memo board with ribbons is really not that difficult.  You will be sure to find a few websites on the Internet that will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to make the memo board you want.  With the right materials, you can help your child create a functional addition to their bedroom that will not clash with their color scheme and help keep things tidy and organized.

Ribbon Memoboard

Photo by Miss Shari on Flickr

Encourage your child to make their bedroom their own by displaying items that they are fond of, or which pertain to their hobbies and interests.  Although you might not appreciate a room with cartoon characters on the walls and curtains, remember that it is not your room.  If your child feels as though they were involved in the way that their room is decorated, they will feel happier to spend time in it.

Anything that encourages interaction is a good idea and this would include making a memo board with ribbons, or setting aside a wall in the child’s room where they can display their art, etc.  Parents can leave notes attached to the memo board as well and all of this will help to make the child excited about their own personal space.

More Information about Ribbon Memo Boards

One of the great things about a ribbon memo board is that you can stylize it to fit any taste or theme.  You can put them in all types of rooms, from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room.  They’re a necessity in your office at home or at work.

Using a board with ribbons crisscrossed over it makes it especially handy.  You don’t have to look for tacks or pushpins; you just insert the corner of whatever you’re displaying into the ribbon.

You’ll find a wide variety of attractive styles on the internet and in craft stores.  Many people choose a neutral colored board decorated with floral or brightly printed ribbons.  Sometimes the board itself is the surface that’s patterned with whatever pleases you, and the ribbon is neutral and unobtrusive.

There are three basic, interchangeable features of a ribbon memo board. You have the background of the board itself.  You have the ribbon.  And you have the pins that hold the ribbon in place at the criss crosses.

For the memo board itself, you can begin with an old bulletin board, a piece of cork, or even corrugated cardboard.  Or you can work using a basic drywall type.  You can cover the surface you’ve chosen or not, depending on your taste.  Many people like to take a piece of low loft batting that’s as big as the board plus an extra two inches all the way around.  If you use batting, you’ll need to cover that with fabric of some type.

Some people prefer to buy a plain memo board and then add the ribbons.  The ribbon itself yields endless possibilities.  You can choose any type-satin, grosgrain, sheer.  You can select ribbons in solid colors that match your rooms.  Or you can pick from sprightly plaids or floral patterns.  You’ll find them printed with doggy faces, teddy bears, or just about anything else.

How about using velvet or lace ribbon?  Some people like sequined ribbon. There are also stone-crusted ribbons or ribbons with pearlized edges.

If your setting is more utilitarian, choose a plain polyester cord.  Maybe a neutral artificial sinew-a product that looks like strips of leather-would suit your design.

Many people choose specialized ribbon.  There are a wide variety of preprinted ribbons-patriotic, holiday, or celebratory styles.  You can also custom-order ribbons.  Have you thought about ordering a spool of ribbon printed with your favorite football team’s name?  The ribbon can be one of the team colors, with the printing done in the other team color.  You can put your company logo onto ribbon.  One of these custom-printed spools provides enough ribbon to make several boards, depending on the spool size, so you can make several and give them as gifts.

Besides the traditional crisscrossed ribbon bulletin boards, you can also use ribbon simply to divide a board into sections:  one section for photos, one for business cards, maybe one for reminders.

The choice is yours-today’s available products will turn any board into a stylish product that says who you are.  And it’s a craft that other people in your family will enjoy.

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