Accommodation in Broome Western Australia

The Right Accommodation in Broome: Your Vacation Awaits!

Are you traveling about or planning a vacation in Western Australia?

If you’re looking for accommodation in Broome, you’ll find a great deal of variety in the choices available to you.

Broome offers quite a lot of options, no matter what you want to do on your vacation.

What is the price range of typical accommodations in the Broome area, and what sorts of accommodation will you find?

Main street in Broome Chinatown

Broome’s two biggest industries are tourism and pearling. The population of Broome proper rests at somewhat less than 20,000, but you’ll find this is a small city with a big heart.

The area residents and shopkeepers all cater to the needs of visitors, and the city is always humming with some type of activity. Half of the residents fall within the age group of 24-55, and most of them are native Australians. They are people who will work hard to make your stay in Broome so pleasant that you’ll want to return.

Urban Pleasures

As a result, most of the hotels right in the centre of Broome can provide the luxury you desire at a range of prices from just over $100 for something standard all the way up into the range of $400 for more frills.

You can find something easily accessible from the Broome International Airport; the shuttle fee is less than $10. Most of the accommodations in Broome offer standard amenities including free WiFi, a swimming pool, and comfortable beds. It won’t be difficult to find lodgings that offer a flavor of Bali, if that’s your preference.

What do you want to see? The best pearl shops are in Chinatown, in the heart of Broome, and you’ll notice an interesting mix of both Chinese and Colonial architecture in this area. Besides the pearls, you can see equipment demonstrations and a working pearl farm that’s off a little to the east. If shells interest you, visit the Shell House rather than buying them in a tourist shop.

Roebuck Bay

Some people who travel to Broome between March and October when the moon is full choose accommodations that overlook Roebuck Bay just so they can see the amazing play of light on the bay.

For three evenings per month during that time period, the moonlight creates a natural phenomenon known as Staircase to the Moon.  Also visible in Roebuck Bay at low tide are the Flying Boat Wrecks, the remains of three Dutch planes that were sunk by the Japanese in 1942 during World War II.

Cable Beach

Many visitors come to Broome especially to see Cable Beach, where you’ll find 22 kilometres of pristine white sandy beaches that rest along some of the most beautiful azure waters in the world.

Cable Beach is most of the most famous nude beaches in the world, but there are places to wear clothes and other places to shuck them off.

While not many hotels or resorts in the Cable Beach area offer actual views of the beach itself, you’ll never be far from the action.

Gantheaume Point

Traveling to the southwest of Broome, you can see the amazing old dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point. They’re actually fossilised tracks that date back 130 million years, visible when the tide is low. This is not far from one of the most luxurious golfing resorts around, and since the activities in the area range from things that interest the kids to relaxing golf for the adults you will find accommodations in Broome ranging from caravan parks to cabins to chalets.

Prices start at about $50 for ensuite accommodations to $130 for cabins and all the way up to $200 and higher for something offering more luxury.

Unpowered camping sites are, of course, the least expensive option. No matter what accommodations you choose, you’ll pay less if you stay multiple nights and more if you stay in the high season from November to April.

The Single Set

Many of the accommodations in Broome cater to the young adult set that comes to enjoy the area’s features, including the nude beach.

As a contrast to the luxurious hotel suites that people typically see advertised, you’ll be able to find cheap places that rent beds in dorm-style accommodations, with six to eight people per room, easily affordable from as low as $15 per person per night and not going beyond $60 for a double bed in an air-conditioned room, and with full schedules of activities.

No Matter Where You Stay…

There are so many other things to do: Visit a crocodile farm. Learn about aborigines.

Attend a flurry of festivals from April through November, including dragon boat races, rodeos, art festivals, and the Festival of the Pearl as well as the Festival of the Mango. Depending on why you’re visiting the area, your accommodations in Broome can enhance your stay with luxurious comfort available for more money or economical rentals at a lower cost reserving the bulk of your funds for activities.

Enjoy sophisticated resorts, caravan parks, or experience camping in the desert. The choice is yours.

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