All About Costumes & Fashion

Costumes and fashion design can be compared to just about any creative work of art where the sky is the limit encouraging designers to make full use of their resources found in their surroundings.  Designing of these costumes were not only fun, but the results were more than rewarding as designers see their costumes in action once they are worn by suitable people.


Costumes and fashion design had its distant beginnings during the period of the ancient Greeks where the costumes primarily consisted of prop masks for theatrical usage.  Evolution of the designs highlighted the creativity in character development where men wore these costumes to dress as women.  These types of designs are still being created today by costume designers that are inspired with historical events.  The designs may be referred to as historical designs.  It is the kind of clothing that you won’t see other people wearing in other places.

How Costumes are Made

Designers begin their creation by sketching out their design first.  This is necessary for the designers to seek approval because if they go on ahead and make the design, any changes to be made would take a lot of work and possible waste of resources used.  Any accessories that complement the design are either gathered or handcrafted depending on the complexity of the accessories.  Depending on the type of costumes and fashion design, accessories may include simple footwear and hats to outrageous wigs, masks, animal suits, or other specialty items.  Custom designs may vary depending on the gender.

Types of Costumes and Fashion Design

In addition to the previously mentioned historical, there are also three other kinds of costumes used in costumes and fashion design for theater and cinema use – fantastic, dance, and modern.  Fantastic costume designs require more imagination and creativity for the designs to end up very unique reflecting fantasy stores, fairy tales, and other non-fiction elements.

Dance fashion design is pretty self-explanatory and may be blended with historical design as well since these costumes may be suitable for dancing.  These types of costumes are also designed in such a way for dancers to be comfortable enough to move around freely and dance with precision.  For group dancers, several variations may be made for each performer for a more defining and vivid presentation.

Modern fashion design refers to all of the other costume designs that do not represent any historical cultures.  These are the results of fashion designers wanting to try something new to make their theater performances look fresh.  It is also the types of costume design being applied to movies that you see today.  There are so many variations of this type of costume design and may blend in with fantastic and dance costume design as well.

Costumes add a lot of depth to the character and may change the perception on how the audience sees the characters.  Designs can also set the mood and if they are designed very well, they can create a lasting impression the same way expensive artworks can.

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