Bantay-Abot Cave, Ilocos Norte

Aside from the famous Pagudpud and the much publicized Bangui windmills, Ilocos Norte has several interesting rock formations dotting its coastlines. This is due the strong winds and waves that crash its shores, and the occasional earthquakes that also rock the province.

One such formation is the Bantay-Abot Cave, several minutes away from Maira-ira cove and the Patapat viaduct. From the highway one can go down steep steps to the shoreline where a mound of earth seems to have given way to the elements, allowing water and wind to bore a hole through it.

To get to the “cave,” one should pass through a narrow trail and hike up the hill to the hole. On the other side of the hole is another beach cove. The beach is rocky and the waves are strong, thus it is not an advisable swimming destination -just a place where you can rest and enjoy some photo ops. (To those thinking of their pre-nuptial pictures, the Bantay-Abot Cave can make for a dramatic backdrop).

Photo courtesy of Huno Garces via Flickr.

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