Best Genealogy Sites

They say that families are the foundation of society. If so, modern life is founded on ancestry. A lot of people nowadays want to know more about their personal history and the family they descended from. To find those facts you have to dig and you will never know who you are (distantly) related to until you do so. For example, People in North America very often discover they have blood of the Navajo Nations, the Lakota Sioux or the Cherokee running through their veins.

Searching for the best genealogy websites? Nowadays we have lots of websites specialized in genealogy and when you seek for your family you can use one or more of them. One of these websites is the site that has probably the largest database of family records on the net.

One Great Family is another top family tree research site with links to worthwhile and trustworthy information about families in different countries and cultures. Some websites focus on Native American DNA genealogy; European-based sites give you results that are from centuries ago. You can find copies of original documents to review on the One Great Family site which will also provide you with a virtual tree to help you in organizing the results of your research.

There are also websites that can be used by beginning researchers which provide you help and experience of professional genealogists.

Records Ireland is another great research portal for any Irish ancestor history research you may want to endeavor.

Time spent on research on your family can be entertaining and full of surprises. One genealogist for instance researched the family ties of President George Bush. Would you believe that Bush and his political rival John Kerry share common ancestors? And that Hugh Hefner, the infamous playboy, has some ties with Bush as well?

You won’t know what you dig up – a bastard son who is the father of the grandfather of a famous preacher, a distant uncle who was a horse-thief and ended his life hanging on a rope. You can descend from a mix of races or ethnic groups, from one of the Founding Fathers or from one of the first slave-owners in America. Do a search on some of the best genealogy sites listed above, you’ll never know what you find out!

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