Biri Island, Northern Samar Philippines

Biri Island in Northern Samar is home to two of the most beautiful rock formations in the Philippines. A speck of land between the sea that divides the Luzon and Visayas Islands group, the island has been battered by harsh winds and tides that allowed these magnificent formations to take shape. Pictured here are the formations named as Magasang and Bil-at.

To get here, catch a Manila flight to Calbayog in Samar. Afterwards take a jeep from Calbayog to Allen and then a tricycle to Lavezares. In Lavezares hire a boat to take you to Biri Island. Within Biri Island you can go around with the help of a motorcycle contraption called habal-habal, with which you can go to the Magasang rock formations.

Photos by Dino Sandoval and AJFajardo

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