Burgman 400 or 500

The 650 weighs almost one hundred pounds more, and one of the comments I’ve read about it is how hard it is to back out of parking spaces. So if weight is a factor, this might be a consideration. (Some people call it “Lardy”.) :)

While the 400 doesn’t have the power the 650 has, it’ll clear 100 mph which is enough for some of us. Power is greater on the 650…but the gas mileage is less. The Burgman 400 averages around 65 mpg, and the 650 is 10-15 mpg less. Dimensions are about the same, but the 650 is a little higher and a little wider.

The mirrors on the 650 are great…but if you wear bifocals, they can be an issue. The mirrors on the 400 aren’t fancy…but work and aren’t mentioned as one of the things to change on the forums.

The 2007+ Burgman 400 has more storage space than any maxi-scooter sold in the USA…including its big brother, the 650. It has a digital display and even an mpg readout.

The 650 is a motorcycle pretending to be a scooter, while the 400 is a scooter. The engine on the 650 is attached to the frame and the 400 has the engine attached to the swingarm. Some people think that makes a difference. The 650 has an electronically controlled transmission, while the 400 uses a standard CVT drive.

If you’re trying to figure out which you like the best, it would be worth it to sit on each and even if they don’t let you take one on the road, to see what it feels like to move it around on the parking lot. Many people have gone from the 650 to the 400 simply because they can’t handle the weight anymore and they find the 400 fits their needs just fine. (And obviously, some go from the 400 to the 650.)

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